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Follow along with me, Pixlberry, as I geek out to random things that I love! Video games, animation, music, graphic design, crafting, ANYTHING from the 80s or 90s... the list goes on. So sit back, relax, and enjoy! Oh, and feel free to leave a comment or question! I love those too!:)
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Sometimes when I’m feeling down I like to remind myself that once, on /v/, I sang A Whole New World, as Jigglypuff, with a guy doing a solid impression of Professor Oak.

oh goodness, that just made my day, lol

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(lol I asked KC to put some “cool-people” filters on my parts in the video and HE DID!!)

I am flipping excited to be a part of the B9 Kingdom art books fall lineup!! I am side-by-side with some of the coolest artists in the biz, Anthony Clark, Aaron Diaz and Danielle Corsetto! Please please pop on over to the kickstarter if you love art books!!

Mine has some brand new stuff in it which is why I haven’t been posting much art here (sorry!) so go take a peek!

Ahhh can’t wait!  Ch-ch-check it out!

20 days left to order our sweet-as-heck art books!!! *___*! get in on it!!

Thanks so much to everyone who has backed it so far. I’m continually blown away and humbled by peoples willingness to support and appreciate art aahhh you’re just the best!!


Sometimes the Disney villains plot evil schemes together.

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LOL this guy makes the best cartoons. Props to Ebolaworld for being awesome.


Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing the one and only Pendleton Ward, the creator of one of my all-time favorite cartoons, Adventure Time.

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I loved the original Power Rangers, and their theme song kicks ass. And as a bassoonist, I’m geeking out. This rocks so much!


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